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Rubinet Universal Cleaner

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Rubinet Universal Cleaner


Product Description

Rubinet Universal Cleaner

Detergent-degreasing product suitable for cleaning façades, exposed brick, ceramics, and any interior or exterior finish used in construction in general.

Suitable for cleaning all kinds of stone, floor and wall. Ideal for removing organic material of all kinds absorbed in ceramics, enabling such material to be removed with water. It does not alter the colour or composition. Also recommended for routine maintenance.

  • PREPARATION AND QUANTITY – Dilute to a proportion of 1.2 or, if necessary, 1:5 product to water, depending on the amount of dirt on the surface
  • APPLICATION – Apply the product by rubbing with a soft or abrasive RUBINET® sponge, depending on the type of surface
  • FINISH – Rinse with abundant water and a soft RUBINET® sponge, using steam machines or pressurised water.

CHARACTERISTICS AND YIELD Ph: 12.5 Density: 2,4 Lb / 0,2 gl. (1.08 kg/l.) Yield: 54-108 Sq.ft. / 0,2 gl. (5-10 m2 /l) undiluted dilute between 1:5 and 1:10 129-172 Sq.ft. / 0,2 gl. with water: 40-50 m2 /l. (maintenance) Undiluted, this product is not suitable for crystallised surfaces as it reduces the shine over long periods of time. Not suitable for use in schools or with children. The use of rubber gloves and eye/face protection is recommended. Mosaic, baked clay, slate, and stoneware. Oil, dirt, food and maintenance.

APPLICABLE ON STAINS TYPES PRECAUTIONS · Light transparent red liquid. · Alkaline product, a mixture of hydroxide, phosphates, silicates, and a surface-active agent. · Contains colouring and perfume. · Biodegradable.